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Chapter 5 1/2: Move

February 21, 2011


I scanned the paper as the kids got ready for school. A birth, a couple of newlyweds, someone moving in… I gasped. No… But I couldn’t deny the truth of what I was seeing.  I dropped the paper. How could he have gotten here? He was supposed to be in prison! I quickly got my my phone and called the number the agents had given me to call if there was any trouble. I bit my lip anxiously as I waited for them to pick up. How long would it take for him to find out where I live? Suddenly I heard a “Hello?” on the phone.

I jumped. “Uh, Hi, I’m Juliet Summerdew. I’m supposed to be in witness protection.”

A male voice responded quickly; “How can I help you, Juliet?”

“I just read the paper. The man who killed my daddy just moved to Neverglade, where I am.”I blurted out.

I heard a gasp. Then the “Okay, we are making immediate plans for you and your family to move to a new town, far away. He won’t find you there.”


I hung up as I thought; How was I going to explain this to Jim and the kids?

“So that’s what happened.” I finished, sitting back and trying to not cry.

“So, let me get this straight. This guy, uh, Masama, was your boyfriend when you were 16, but you dumped him because your dad didn’t like him. Then, on the day before your 18th birthday, he came to your house. Have I got this right so far?”

I nodded. I remembered that night like it was yesterday.


“Goodnight daddy!” I called as I went inside my room.

“Goodnight my Summer” Daddy responded, like always.

I didn’t know was that that night, that perfectly ordinary night, was about to turn into a nightmare. I didn’t know that those words would be the last my daddy ever said. I didn’t know that behind my smiling daddy waited a killer.


I shook myself out of the nightmare to discover silent tears were running down my face. Jim came over to the sofa and sat down, pulling me close. I just cried and cried and cried. Jim was there; murmuring comforting nonsense.

“Wow! This is amazing!”

“Thanks mum!”

I heard praise from around the table as I served dinner.

Jim smiled at me before starting to speak. “Okay guys, your mum and I have a big surprise for you.”

Danny stopped eating to stare at Jim. The triplets kept eating.

“We’re moving!” I blurted out.

Danny grinned, but then looked confused. “Where to?” he asked.

Jim and I looked at each other. “Well, that’s the thing sweetie. We don’t…”

I was interrupted by my phone ringing. I went outside to listen, but came back quickly.

“That was Agent Keller. The one who I told about Masama.” I murmured under my breath to Jim.

“Danny, we now know where we’re moving to!” I said brightly.


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  1. Alexandria x3 permalink
    December 27, 2011 12:50 am

    I clicked on your name in another legacy, because you reminded me of my friend in so many ways. Then when I saw the date this was posted, 2/21/11 (that was my 15th birthday) I knew I was destined to read yor legacy c: But I will after I finish the current one I’m reading. Happy Simming to you.

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