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Chapter 2: Love is in the air! <3

August 30, 2010


I went home quickly, anxious to continue my novel, “The Pyramids”.

I wrote for a bit, then saw an ad for an online psychic reading, and thought “Why not?” and clicked on it, I was brought to a page with a bright tent on it, I clicked on the tent, and a woman’s voice came out of my computer. I turned the volume up. “You will meet a man… a good man, and you will have a looong and fulfilling life together. You will make a deal, a deal with Deeeaaath…” the voice trailed off.

“Freaky.” I thought. “Huh, whatever” I had a last look at the page, and noticed a bright blue ad with the words; #1 Chat Avenue! Meet new people! “Hey! I could meet a new friend!” I thought excitedly to myself. So far the only person I knew was my boss! I clicked on it, and opened an adult chat, singles chat and girls only chat.

In the adult chat, I was quickly bombarded with disgusting messages and pictures. I hastily closed that.

On the girls only chat, there was mostly only talk about other girls, shoes and nails, none of which I was interested in. I closed that as well. That left the singles chat.

I had a quick look at that, certain I’d have to close that, and stopped. The only people were an obviously old man, who kept saying, “In my day etc.” and a guy called Jim Die. “Huh. odd name” I thought. I chatted quickly,

ME: Hey Jim. I’m Juliet. You live in Neverglade, right?

JIM: Yeah. Loglane 3. You?

ME: I live at Hallow Hill.

JIM: The place where that old castle was?

OLD GUY: In my day, the only thing that was old were stones!

ME: Yep.

JIM: Where do you work? I work at the police station. My life’s dream is to be an International Super Spy.

OLD GUY: I was there when the television was invented you know!

ME: Awesome! I want to be a writer, but I have to work at the school because my creator made me because I have to make some money before I hit the big time.

*OldGuyzRCool is now offline*

JIM: Don’t worry hon, you’ll get there in no time! Look, I’m sorry, but I have to go to work now… Can I come over after my shift ends?

ME: Thanks! Yeah, sure!

*TheDiesRule is now offline*

I squealed. I had a friend! A single, cute, guy friend! This was destined to be! 😀 I thought suddenly of the prophecy. It was coming true! Cool…

Hey! New furniture! 😀

I nervously made the bed and tided the house in preparation of meeting Jim face-to-face for the first time…

He’s here! Squeeee! Okay. Calm, calm, you are calm Juliet.


I need to give this gal some flowers!


“Hey Jim! Come in!” I said cheerfully. “Sure” he replied in his deep voice.

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Starry, Starry Niiiiight!

Glitchy Awesomeness!

We have a new addition to the household!


“Jim. I know I’ve only known you for a little while, but in that little while, I’ve realized that you are a really cute guy!” I told Jim. He stared into my eyes for a minute. “Thank you hon” he replied huskily.

His eyes… so green…

Our first kiss… was magical…

“Jim… I love you. Please will you maybe be my… uh… boyfriend?” I stumbled over my words, having not said them for so long…”Of course. I love you Juliet.” I smiled. “Uh…” “Yes?” Jim asked “Could you maybe move in with me? I’m a little lonely.” Seeing his shocked face, I hastily continued “But uh… you don’t have too, it’s ok if you don’t want to…” “Yes” he replied simply, smiling brightly, “Yes, yes, yes!” He swung me round, hugging me.

(Author’s Note: I’m just going to put pictures here, because you probably don’t want/need any words.)

When I got up, I glanced at my watch and gasped. It was time for work! I got changed quickly, kissed Jim, and rushed out.


Flowers! I need to buy flowers!


I needed going to write a Romance novel next…


Love… I loved my brothers, I loved my parents, and newest, I loved Juliet Summmerdew…

Fishing. I could fish, and when I caught some fish, I could sell them, and then Juliet and I could expand the house!

Okay! End of chapter.

See ya soon! 😀

Mau99                                                                                                                                                                                                                xoxo


Crash! :(

August 30, 2010

OK. Sorry guys, my stupid game crashed, so according to my game, everything from “OMG! Cute guy!!! etc.” never happened! :O So if you just imagine that Chapter 2: ……… is starting from “Pushed around like in etc.” then we shall be okay! 😀

Bye! I’ll post soon!

Mau99                                                                                                                               xoxo

Chapter 1: Arrival

August 13, 2010

As the taxi drove to my new home, my mind wandered. This could be a new start for me, free of him.
I could maybe start a family, make some friends, without the influence of him.

I could be free.

“What shall I do first…..” I thought out loud, “Hmmmmmmm… I know! I’ll go and take a writing class!’ I’d always wanted to be a Professional Author, but he hadn’t approved. But what can he do now? He is in jail, and I am far away from that jail.

I looked in the newspaper lying in the grass, and found that sometimes they did writing classes in the business office. I called a taxi, and jumped in, saying as I shut the door, “Business office please!” “You be wan’ing Doo Peas then?” “Ookay?” I said questioningly “Doo Peas Corporate Towers, also know as business office, it is!” He said with a wink, turning to the wheel.

Before I walked in, I made a quick call to Curry’s and asked them to deliver something to my lot.

As I walked into Doo Peas, I was greeted by cold, from the air-con and from the stare of the receptionist. “Uh… Hi, I’m Juliet Summerdew, and I’d like to take a writing class please?” I addressed the wall behind the woman. She ignored me, turning back to her computer. I tried again, a little louder “I would like to take a writing cl-” I was cut off by a bright, happy looking guy who said clearly “This way please!” I stared at him, flummoxed. “Writing class?” he prompted “Oh! Yes!” He led me down the corridor, and I had my writing class! It was great! I learned sooo much!

Afterward, I walked to the library and started to practice what I’d learned in my class. I even started a book! “The Pyramids”- a fiction book, the first in a series of adventures in foreign lands!

As I was starting my book, I thought about the things I hoped to achieve: meet a good guy, start a family, have kids, build a big house, be really rich… “Sadly, I knew some of these would have to be achieved by my children, or grandchildren, but some of them,” I thought to myself , “Some of them could be started off , maybe not achieved, but started, by me

With that thought in my head, I hailed a taxi, jumped in, and told the driver to drive to a good place to get a job. I looked up at the school, the place the driver had driven to, and thought, “I want to be an author, but being an author has it’s downsides, and one of them was low royalties, at least till I hit the big time. So I went in, and asked if they had any spots for me to work.” They had one spot left for a Playground Monitor, so Playground Monitor I became!

I took a taxi home, and there was my fridge that I’d ordered earlier! 😀

I took some cereal out and began eating. It was okay , but I was used to hot cooked meals from my mum. 😦

This is my empty lot. Looks a bit sad doesn’t it?! So I called the builders, and they built….

This!!! 😀

Here I am, christening my new loo! 😛

I then continued my book!

This is a picture of me and the pretty sky!

This is the view from outside my house.

Sleepy time!

I’m still asleep, I’m still asleep, still asleep…

Okay, I’m awake. Time for my first day at work!

Ugh. Worst uniform ever!

S      l     o    w        M    o    t    i    o    n……..(insert music here)

School… Again… Oh Well! At least this time I’d be the one teaching… and he wouldn’t be there.

My first day of work in Neverglade… was pretty good! I wasn’t pushed around like in some other schools.

OMG!!! Cute guy! Family Oriented!!! Eeeeeeee!!!

*Please be single, please be single*

Dang! He’s married…. 😦

(Author’s Note: Juliet went bald! 😦 I have no idea what happened, but I think something wrong with my CC!)

I am so English! 😀

See you next time!

Has Juliet got a good job for herself? Will she meet a good guy who’s single?

Zat is le question!


August 12, 2010

I’m currently posting Chapter 1: ______________ !!!!! 😀 It’ll be up in about half an hour!


August 9, 2010

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I wanted to start the legacy with AwesomeMod and/or Indie Stone, but don’t know where or how to download them! If anyone knows or has them could you help PLEASE??? I think I’m going to cry with frustration!


August 7, 2010

I smiled as he was dragged out of the court kicking and screaming, “I’m innocent! I don’t wanna go to jail! It’s her fault anyway!” he shrieked, pointing at me.

My smile faded as I walked outside into the cool night air, remembering…

“I’m so sorry” Agents had told me that continually during the past few days. “It’s always hard at first, but most times it’s a great safety precaution.”

I’d almost cried the first time they’d told me. “You will have to leave here” “WHAT?????” “I’m sorry” What???” I’d said more faintly. “It’s called witness protection” they had explained. “I know what it’s called” I had gritted my teeth, “I’ve seen it in a movie, and on TV, but I never thought I would actually be in it…”

“It’s time” a voice called, startling me out of my memories. “Huh?” I said intelligently. An agent opened the door of a taxi and said briskly, handing me a wad of cash, “This is some money to help you get started, and I’ve told the taxi to drive to Neverglade.” The name was alien to me. “OK” I agreed quickly, taking the money, anxious to finally leave after days of listening to people tell me, “The place you’re going to is great!” and “You’ll love it!” etc.

As the taxi drove off, I said, in my head, “Goodbye Sim City.”

Hello world!

August 7, 2010

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